Spotlight on Ecuador


Backwoods Border Crossing: Ecuador to Peru

Tick-tock, tick-tock. With fewer than ten days remaining on our visas, we needed to get to Peru – fast! Of course, this meant embarking upon a whirlwind dash to Ecuador’s southern border. It’s a pity, really, how little time we had to enjoy some of the country’s prettiest treasures like Cuenca and Vilcabamba. Even worse: […]


CELTA Ecuador November-December 2012

If you’ve noticed the silence coming from this little thrifty drifter scrap of the universe and thought oh no, perhaps those drifters have given up, thrown in the towel, or lost the motivation to update their blog, ye’d be wrong! We beach-bound drifters have been living a dream a bit removed from modern conveniences such […]

Kamala Sunset

Manglaralto: A Quiet Alternative to Montañita, Ecuador

Following five weeks living on the sand dune behind Playa Kamala, it was time to walk 10 minutes into the small town of Manglaralto and stay somewhere where we could cook in our own kitchen, enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, and find new and interesting people and adventures. Here’s what we found… Tagua Lodge We found […]

Quito 7

Climbing Quito’s Most Notorious Spire

We arrived in Quito last week, and as our bodies raced to produce more red blood cells and adapt to an altitude of 9,350 feet, we set out to explore Quito’s Centro Historico. It’s considered one of the “least altered and best preserved historic centers in the Americas” (thank you, Wikipedia) and so it’s rightly […]

Chugchilán to Quilotoa Loop Clouds

Gasping for Air on the Quilotoa Loop

The Quilotoa Loop is the name Ecuador guide books give to a (usually) self-guided tour circuit through a remote area of the country’s Western cordillera. Earlier this month, we “did” the loop, mostly by foot. Here’s a run-down of our day to day adventures in this breathtaking (literally) corner of the Andes. Day 1 – […]

Spotlight on Chile


The Family Visits Us in Chile… Again!

After a few days getting acquainted with the salar de Uyuni, it was time to go to Chile, (for the third time!) We had to make it to Santiago to meet my parents and sister, who were coming to visit, but first we spent a few days hanging out on the beach in Arica. Our whirlwind […]


2,500 Miles in Two Weeks – Phew!

While enjoying our last few weeks in Valparaíso (and wondering what we would do next), a very alluring email appeared in my inbox. Paul and Renée, the caretakers of Casa Amelia in Huanchaco, Peru were heading back to Holland for the month of July and asked if would we like to come stay the month […]


Surf Competition at El Gringo

We love Arica – a lot. Which is why we made sure to spend a couple of days there during our 2,500 mile slog up the Pacific coast of Chile and Peru. For a second time, we parked at Sunny Days Hostal, where you see me below (on the roof!) enjoying a cold, crisp glass […]


Valparaíso and a Visit From Someone Special

It had been ten months since seeing Adam’s parents (10 months and 3 days, to be exact), so we were excited – really excited – to have them for a nine-day visit. It was a week of festive, celebratory meals, sightseeing, and just hangin’ out. We had two birthdays and one anniversary during that time, too. (ok, […]


Valparaíso: A Pretty Port and Piles of Poop

After very little sleep in Santiago, I conked out and drooled a little on Adam’s shoulder for the hour and a half bus ride to Valparaíso. Adam says I missed out on vineyards upon vineyards dripping with fat grapes ready for the harvest. I’m sad I missed it – especially since after doing the same […]